With an extensive background with City and State licensing requirements, we provide the ability to capture your vision with successful business operations.

  • IP Camera Surveillance solutions for both Oregon and Washington State compliance.
    • Low Voltage Permits
    • 90 day on site storage
    • 30 day of site storage
    • High Resolutions infrared cameras
    • Remote Access from your personal mobile devices.
  • City Planning and State Regulations
    • Assistance in navigation of your local jurisdiction
    • Permit verification
    • Land Use approvals
    • Business readiness and evaluations
  • IT Services
    • On-call technical support
    • Network safeguards
    • Monthly compliance evaluations
  • Operations
    • Cannabis sales tracking with specialized sales training
    • Develop or evaluate standard SOP’s
    • Management Services
    • State Regulation compliance training
    • Human Resources & Payroll


If you’d like to learn more about our services please contact us.